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Our decision to simultaneously establish 10 cities is driven by the imperative to address the challenge of overpopulation. Port-au-Prince, severely affected by the burdens of overcrowding, has suffered considerable damage to our nation. By strategically building cities in each of the 10 Departments, we aim to disperse the population and prevent the concentration of people in a single location. This approach will effectively alleviate the strain on Port-au-Prince while fostering job opportunities and development in the other Departments. Consequently, our united growth as a nation will be reinforced, dismantling any sense of superiority that could otherwise divide us. Together, we stand as one, forging a path towards a stronger and more cohesive future.
We understand that we have yet to demonstrate our ability to earn your trust when it comes to financial matters. However, we have developed a plan that can only succeed if we are given the opportunity to receive donations. It is crucial to recognize that Haiti's restoration cannot be achieved solely by external forces—neither by the white-man, the Christian church, the Vatican, nor any other country. Rebuilding Haiti rests solely in the hands of Haitians themselves. While an individual contribution like my own modest donation of at least $50 per month may seem insignificant, the collective power of millions of such small donations has the potential to bring about significant and transformative changes. The funds raised will be allocated towards acquiring the necessary resources for development, ensuring that our work is carried out efficiently and with a sense of urgency. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and pave the way for a brighter future.
Yes, you can! In other for us to provide you with proof of donation, you need to create an account before you donate! The ability to claim the total sum of donations made to an organization stems from the recognition that such contributions are voluntary and made with the intention of supporting the organization's mission or cause. Donors are motivated by a desire to make a positive impact and are often provided with documentation, such as receipts or acknowledgments, to substantiate their financial contributions. Claiming the total sum of donations allows individuals to report their charitable giving accurately, ensuring transparency in their financial records and potentially receiving tax benefits or other incentives provided by governing bodies to encourage philanthropy and support the work of nonprofit organizations.

You can request your tax log in the user portal and one will be provided to you. We will by default provide the log to all users throughout the month of January.
The re-construction of Haiti is not a profit project. Therefore, The people will agree and allow us to build there on land own by people and the state will allow us to build on land owned by the government. The repartition will go as follow:

1. If someone owns land that overlay with the construction zone, that person will be able to sell if needed or let us build over the land an receive compensation greater or equal to the land estimate. One can as well request a relocation of the land.

2. Land that belong to the government will be developed as well. The Government will keep all proceed and building generated by the development. Such structures include, Farm, Livestock, Courthouse, Orphanage, etc...

The reconstruction of Haiti is needed and it is critical to get it done. We unfortunately have not the luxury of trust. Only Haitian can rebuild Haiti. Therefore, we have to take a leap of faith and understand that a Haitian working force is different than a Haitian hustler. Job will be created. They will earn their keep as well as a new city. We will all get a better Haiti where once can live, visit, plan retirement and more.