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We are an organisation of Haitians in the Diaspora that is working towards rebuilding Haiti. We can't wait on anyone else to rebuild it but us Haitians.

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When you give, you are helping us toward change. You become part of the revolution. The revolution to rebuild our beloved country, Haiti darling.

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Only Haitians can rebuild Haiti

The Organization of the Diaspora for the Development of Haiti (ODDA) is a non-governmental organization aimed at driving the development of Haiti through charitable donations and development projects. We are committed to utilizing our resources and efforts to improve the quality of life in Haitian communities and promote their sustainable growth.
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ODDA is a dynamic and forward-thinking organization committed to rebuilding Haiti through unity, collaboration, and sustainable development. At ODDA, we firmly believe that the progress and prosperity of Haiti lie in the hands of its diaspora and the collective efforts of compassionate individuals around the world.
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Goal: $ 100,000,000

United for Haiti: A Call to Action in the Face of Unprecedented Insecurity

In the wake of an alarming United Nations report likening Haiti's insecurity to conditions seen in nations at war, a rallying cry emerges for global support and solidarity. The people of Haiti are facing a dire crisis marked by daily life fraught with fear and danger, making access to education, work, and basic necessities a perilous endeavor. It is a moral imperative that we come together as a global community to provide relief and hope to the beleaguered nation. Donations to humanitarian organizations actively engaged in Haiti can provide immediate assistance, while advocacy efforts and raising awareness about the situation are also crucial to drive international intervention and restore stability. By uniting for Haiti, we can make an enduring impact and offer a lifeline to those facing unimaginable adversity, ultimately working towards a brighter future for the resilient Haitian people.

Raised: $ 0

Goal: $ 1,000,000

Join the Fight for Survival: Unite to Save Ouanaminthe, Haiti

Despite adversity, the people of Ouanaminthe are standing united, transcending borders and differences to fight for their survival. They need the global community's support to restore the river and uplift their community. Please Donate, spread awareness. Ouanaminthe's story is one of resilience, unity, and the enduring strength of the human spirit. Join the fight for survival, and be a beacon of hope for Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Your contribution can bring new life to the Ouanaminthe River and its community. Act now to make a lasting impact.

Raised: $ 200

Goal: $ 10,000,000,000

Rebuilding Haiti: A Call for Unity and Action

The Haitian Diaspora is uniting to raise enough money for the simultaneous construction of 10 cities in Haiti. We are requesting a monthly donation of at least $50 from each working member to address the country's challenges and create sustainable change. The initiative aims to provide essential infrastructure, create jobs, reduce population concentration, and improve living conditions. We believe in the Diaspora and by working together, we can rebuild Haiti and create a brighter future for all Haitians.

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Our focus extends beyond physical reconstruction; we aim to establish schools, hospitals, transportation networks, and vital services that have long been lacking in our communities like clean water projects, electricity and more.


Healthcare is a vital pillar of our work. ODDA is committed to enhancing healthcare infrastructure, building regulated hospitals, clinics, and labs, providing medical supplies and equipment, and supporting healthcare professionals in Haiti.


ODDA is dedicated to build better schools, universities, academies, colleges, and more and improving access to quality education in Haiti by providing application of knowledge, promoting literacy and critical thinking programs, and offering scholarships to bright and deserving students.


We work closely with like-minded organizations, governmental bodies, businesses, and individuals who share our vision for a prosperous Haiti. By leveraging collective expertise, resources, and networks, we maximize our impact and accelerate the pace of change.


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